I Must Blog More Often

Forgive me readers, it has been four months since my last post. I had good intentions about this blog. They lasted all of a few days (see first and only two posts). What can I say? Blame it on the baby,  my elusive husband, the ironing, whatever. I’m sorry. I plan to be better at blogging from now on. Starting today. I’m even thinking of Twittering. It’s a big commitment so I’m going to mull it over for a few more days. I’ll start Twittering in March. My life will hopefully be more interesting in March. I’ll have things to tweet. Important things. Not like ‘off to get some lunch’  or ‘watching Home and Away on Fiver’. Things like ‘Just finished dancing naked on my sofa to Stevie Wonder with the curtains open’. Of course I won’t really say stuff like this because I’ve had a cesearean. But you get what I mean.


5 thoughts on “I Must Blog More Often

      • Hi Clarey,

        Great to hear from you. I was in your neck of the woods (Wandsworth) last week but I stupidly left my mobile phone in my car in Manchester so I couldn’t call you. I was cursing myself. I don’t have a facebook account either but I decided to set up a blog because I find it quite difficult to start work on the novel from cold and the blog seems to help a bit. Plus I’m always recommending to my clients to get down with social media so I thought I should give it a whirl myself! When my marketing website is ready (should be in the next couple of weeks) I’ll send you a link and you can tell me what you think. It’s horrible doing it for yourself when you’ve been used to being all opbjective about it for clients. Turns out I can’t make decisions when they’re about me and my life but I’m Mrs decisive for everyone else.
        Have you moved yet? Where is it? what’s the address? Tell me, tell me!What are your colour shcemes? I want to get you a house warming present that fits in. Glad the skiiing is going well. We’re going in January next year as Andy is working over Christmas. Maybe you and James could come too?!

        I think we should email each other more because we never seem to be able to get hold of each other on the phone and I like to hear from you.

        Miss you.
        Al x

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