My Name is Alex O’Toole and I’m Easily Distracted

After last week’s mental-ness of hobnobbing with celebs, spending fifteen hours on the motorway in horrendous weather and traffic conditions,  helping my friend Sharon Hockenhull in her bid to raise finance for her show garden at the RHS Tatton Park Show in July, worrying about nursery school issues and spending the day at one of my client’s offices, I am planning a week of quieter week of writing and ironing and maybe cleaning the downstairs loo. If I do nothing else I’m cleaning the microwave.  

Of course all of this requires a Monday morning four am start (thank you daughter). Now I’m ready to tackle the first chapter re-write. Again. I think I hate this chapter. Which is a problem because everyone knows the first chapter needs to be amazing. Everything else hangs on it. I will persevere.  

From my previous posts, you may have got the impression that I’m a time poor, sleep deprived, Stevie Wonder loving weirdo. All of these things are true but what is worse is that I am very easily distracted. I never knew this about myself until I became self-employed and began working from home. What’s depressing about it is that I’m not even tempted by interesting things: Jeremy Kyle, Loose Women and suchlike. Instead, it’s the mundane things, the post (bills) arriving, the cat litter tray needing emptying and the last minute dash to put the bin out before the bin men drive off, that grab my attention.  If I’m honest, this blog is a distraction, but I have decided I like writing it so I will continue to do so. Lucky for you! However, I realise that the first step to dealing with a problem is admitting you have one in the first place. Ok.

I admit it. I, Alex O’Toole, am easily distracted.

To this end, I have employed the services of a professional whip-cracker. Someone who will help me to focus on doing what I am supposed to be doing so that I can achieve the aim of The Life Plan (see About Me on this blog). I met her a couple of weeks ago and I think she’ll do the job nicely. What’s great about her, is that she’s done it, she doing it. She’s on her third novel and is totally immersed in the world of writing. It’s working already. For instance, she’s already made me write a synopsis. This was a very painful but necessary experience, but I am already grateful to her because it has made me re-think a few things. I am due to meet her again this week and so it is imperative that I have done some work on my novel before then. Starting with the first chapter re-write. I’ve printed it off so I can give it a read through before I mark down where it needs work. Yes. I am now ready to re-write.  Yes Sir-ee. Hmm…

 I might just go and put a wash on before I start…


One thought on “My Name is Alex O’Toole and I’m Easily Distracted

  1. Surely everyone struggles with self motivation at times. I remember deciding that the freezer urgently needed defrosting instead of writing a major essay for uni. Good luck.

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