According To Plan

Hurrah! I have been accepted onto the Creative Writing course. To celebrate I have purchased a dishwasher. You know one of those new fangled things actually washes dishes for you and saves you time. I am positive that my life will change unimaginably when it arrives. Which will be some time on or before the 28th May. I have repainted the kitchen and tiled the backsplash in preparation.

For all my giddiness about the course and the dishwasher I am slightly concerned that things are more or less going according to plan. Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy about it, I just keep waiting for something to put a spanner in the works. Not that’s it’s been completely plain sailing. Disease and pestillence seem to have been ever present in my household since January making it near impossible to get writing done. Now however, I’ve got a bonefide excuse to say, ”No I can’t do the ironing because I have to do some writing because it’s part of my course.” I can’t wait. 

I have been doing bits however. A couple of weeks ago I went to visit the Keeper of Fine Art at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston as part of my research for the book. She was excellent and the information she gave me was invaluable. I’m planning a similar trip to Aberdeen to talk to the Keeper of Fine Art up there. Pity I can’t stretch to a trip to Dubai, a place that also features in my story. I’ll have to work from memory and Google. My monthly visits to The Whipcracker are keeping me on track. She keeps telling me that I need to plan my writing time into my week. I need to make writing appointments with myself.  So I’ve done it. This Friday between 8.30 and 10.30am marks my first appointment with me. Afterwards I’m squeezing in a pilates class – another first.  At her request I am also in the process of re-writing my chapter plan.  I like our dynamic. She makes a suggestion for me to do something and I do it.  Things are getting done and it’s starting to feel ‘proper’. I like it.