In The Absence of Whipcracker

After three weeks of writing radio scripts and advertisement copy ( I do this for money), filling out VAT returns and P11D forms (yawn, I do this because it’s the law) and changing dirty nappies ( I do this out of love), it has been quite a relief to get back to a bit of ‘proper’ writing. I’ve found it quite tough to switch back into ‘writer’ mode and have ended up writing a new short story rather than get back to tackling chapter 3 of the novel. Now I feel guilty. I keep imagining what the Whipcracker would say in this situation. We’ve temporarily parted ways until after she brings a new life into the world. She’s left a bit of a void actually. Who knew deadlines and the possibility of negative feedback could be so, well, reassuring? In her absence, I’ve taken on a kind of split personality when it comes to my writing: When ‘Writer Me’  thinks things like ‘I really want to do some writing but I’ll just check ebay or clean the toilet before I start’,  the ‘Whipcracker Me’ hits back with ‘The toilet can wait, just sit down and write. Now!‘  To make up for the lack of feedback and helpful suggestions, I’ve started reading various books about writing style, do’s and don’ts etc. (can I just recommend  ‘Between The Lines’ by Jessica Page Morrell). I also spend hours surfing the internet seeking inspiration from other would be  / just published writers. It’s not the same though. I miss The Whipcracker. I think I need to get some writer friends, people to swap stories with and who will provide reciprocal encouragement. Thing is I’m not really a joiner of things so writers hubs are out. What I want is a virtual network of writer friends. I think this is what Twitter is for. Hmmm a plan is forming. Watch this space.