Ten Poems About Tea

Candlestick Press are publishing a new book of poetry called Ten Poems about Tea which literally features ten poems about the drink, tea. Apparently it’s got an introduction by the lovely Sophie Dahl and comes with an envelope and a bookmark left blank for your own special message. ‘Tea’ themed presents are having a bit of a moment in my household, having bought both my husband and my brother a t-shirt from Fatface featuring a cup of tea and the words ‘Tea Solves Everything’. It does, doesn’t it? We’re big tea drinkers you see. This little poetry gem however, looks more like my kind of thing and I plan on sticking it under the Husband’s nose prior to Valentine’s day, in the hope that he gets the hint, or, at the very least makes me a brew. And at £4.95 +p&p it’s not going to break the bank. They’ve also got lots of other ‘Ten Poems About…’ pamphlets on a range of topics for the same price. Get them, or force your other half to get them for you, at www.candlestickpress.co.uk

P.S. I’m not on commission, I just like charming little things like this and small pots of fake lavender.


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