I’ve come to a decision about the short story section of this blog. I’m taking it down. I don’t write them. I thought that I might write more of them this year, but if anything, I’ve written less this year than I did the year before.  All my efforts have been going on the novel in progress and I don’t see this changing until I get it finished. And as people keep looking at the ‘Shorts’ section, I’d rather not disappoint before I’ve even started. I realise that this may change in the future, but for now I’ve had to admit to myself it’s not going to happen any time soon. And yes, I do know that short stories are like the chips off a writers work bench or whatever Kingsley Amis said about them.  A few quick wins would be nice, but I have to be realistic. I don’t have the time to spend chasing short story competitions if I want to get my MA and finish the long game before I’m thirty-five.

So the novel, as yet still untitled (I am working on that – honest) is the priority. First draft WILL be completed by March 2012.

As you were.


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