The Empty Mirror

Newsflash! I finally have a working title for my novel in progress:

The Empty Mirror

If that’s not worthy of bold ‘Heading1’ font, I don’t know what is. It’s only taken eleven months and 60,000 words to decide on one (and even now I’m not fully decided but it’s much better than ‘Untitled’). It’s come out of some research reading I’ve been doing around the subject of the mother daughter relationship, which is one of the main themes of the novel. The phrase “The Empty Mirror” refers to the theory that the daughter’s identity is defined by the mother, that one mirrors the other.

But that’s enough boring theory. I have a working title. Hurrah!

In my other life as a marketeer, giving something a name, whether it’s a concept or a campaign, is an important part of convincing people to ‘buy in’ to an idea. It’s key to helping them understand what it is they are being sold and what its USP is (sorry to use that acronym on a blog about writing). For me,  the title of a novel is key to helping readers understand what the book’s about. And, if I’m honest, finally giving the book a name, has cemented a few things in my own mind about the focus of the story.  I’m so relieved,  I’m not even going to be put off by the fact that there are a couple of other books and a film of the same name already in existence. Luckily they’re completely different genres.


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