A Sprint Finish For The Beginning Of The Year

Yikes! It’s the 21st January already! Days are flying by and I can’t seem to type fast enough. January started leisurely enough. There was my birthday at the beginning of the month, celebrated by a whole day spent alone, writing. Which was just THE BEST DAY EVER. And then there were the days that followed. Horrible, fast moving, time crunching days that seemed to spit me out in a heap on the living room sofa at the end of each one, good for pretty much nothing but sleep.

I already have  a feeling that 2012 is going to be a bit of sprint for me. But busy is good (nods furiously).

Fiction writing wise: I’m nearly at 70,000 words on The Empty Mirror. I’m on target for a March finish, maybe, if I get my head down, even earlier. At which point, I may cry or get very drunk or both. In the past, on the odd occasion when I have become really hysterical over something, I have been known to cry and laugh at the same time, resulting in an inability to breathe. This may happen also. In fact, thinking about it, I would just like to take this opportunity to warn my husband of this possiblity. You know what to do.

And I’ve had another idea for a book which is tapping away at my brain saying ‘ Pick me, pick me!’ But other than making the odd little note and researching the occasional website, I am ignoring it for now. Honest.

Also, I’ve started writing this month’s book review which I will post up at some point over the next week. And I’ve volunteered as a copy writer at the Lancashire Writing Hub. Got my first project through the post today, so I’ll be getting my teeth into that shortly. And, just to round off the month, there’s a tutorial deadline to meet.

He he, he he he…(and so the nervous laughter begins….) He he he…..he, he, he…….


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