Voices Review

My review of the Voices anthology, which is a selction of fiction, poetry and life writing about Blackburn, is now up online at The Lancashire Writing Hub site. You can read it here.


6 thoughts on “Voices Review

    • Thanks Sarah.
      I read it as a sort of literary painting of Blackburn. I thought the idea behind it was really strong and a great way to engage, and re-engage, people with their home town. I can think of a few other Northern towns that would benefit from following your lead.

      • 🙂 We did initially, the funding was being applied for by the R&D coordinator – she went on to another job so I just tried to get it in print the most cost-effective way possible. Lulu, while not my first choice, offers some good discount for bulk buying.

        There were other opportunities, but I also knew I was leaving my job, and I didn’t have time to follow them up before that. I really didn’t want to see all the writers’ hard work go to waste either!

        There are lots of opportunities, though –

  1. Interesting…I’m looking at setting up a literature festival in Lytham and have spoken with the lady responsible for people and community development for Lytham as well as the library and local bookshops, who are all keen to get involved. I need to pull a list of costs and a programme together so that we can start applying for funding so would be interested in knowing which organisations / funding bodies are open to this type of thing. I’m planning to speak to Jane @ The Lancashire Writing Hub about it but if you know of any off the top of your head, I would be most grateful for the info. Thanks!

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