Lytham Lives


In November 2012, in conjunction with community group, ParkView4U, I launched a brand new community fiction anthology called Lytham Lives: A Community In Writing. A call for submissions was put out to the local community and to writers with connections to Lytham, looking for short stories, poems and pieces of life writing set in the coastal town of Lytham in Lancashire.

The Lytham Lives anthology, which will be edited by the writer, J A Brunning, is being created to embrace the legacy of a community borne out of fishing and shrimping, transformed by Victorian tourism, to become an elegant town teeming with cafes, bars and boutiques. The aim: to capture the stories of a community made up of generations of long-time locals and newcomers, attracted to the town through work, or a love of its leafy streets and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

By gathering and sharing the best stories of those who have lived in, worked at and known Lytham, we hope to produce a collection of writing that encourages understanding and appreciation of a community that has existed on the Fylde coast for over two thousand years and which, through continual reinvention, has continued to thrive and develop.

Submissions are being accepted until 5pm on 28th February 2013 and anyone over the age of 16 may submit a piece of writing. For tips to get you started writing about your memories of Lytham click here.

For more information about this project or for details of how to submit to the anthology go to or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

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